Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators Exhibit
at the 2007 Philadelphia Flower Show

Print out a Game Sheet first, then peruse the botanical illustrations below and match the
number on each painting with the corresponding common name on your printed game sheet.
When you are finished putting the numbers in the boxes, you can check your answers.
You will find a link to the Answer Page below.

Ladies tresses
1. Spiranthes cernua
by Ann Atwood Biggs -$750

Morning glory ‘Heavenly Blue’
2. Ipomoea tricolor
by Adele Cooke -$800

3. Ranunculus bulbosa
by Pat Field -$350

Elephant ears
4. Caladium x hortulanum
by Virginia Fitzpatrick -$600

Canterbury Bells
5. Campanula
by Mary Foster -$200

Angel's Wing begonia
6. Begoniaceae pendula
by Joan Frain -$750

Crown imperial
7. Fritillaria imperialis
by Joan Frain -$1200

Staghorn fern
8. Platycerium holttumii
by John Gist -$4500

Spider plant
9. Cleome hassleriana
by Linda Gist -POR

10. Antirrhinum majus
by Ingrid Graham -$475

11. Anemone
by Ingrid Graham -$350

12. Chelone glabra
by Pat Gregg -$650

13. Helianthus annuus
by Carol Habig -$600

Bull thistle
14. Cirsium vulgare
by Carol Habig -NFS

Stargazer lily
15. Lilium orientalis
by Diana Heitzman -$895

Moth orchid
16. Phalaenopsis
by Diana Heitzman -$895

Black-eyed susan
17. Rudbeckia hirta
by Dorothy Houck -$600

Canada goldenrod
18. Solidago canadensis
by Ann B. Jacobs -$1200

Skunk cabbage
19. Symplocarpus foetidus
by Ann B. Jacobs -$650

Lenten rose
20. Helleborus orientalis
by Linda Kneeland -$575
Angels trumpet
21. Brugmansia x candida ‘Double white
by Gwen Koths -$1250

Flame lily
22. Gloriosa superba ‘Rothschildiana’
by Gwen Koths -$1250

Pitcher plant
23. Nepenthes alata
by Donelda Choate LaBrake -$3600

Shrimp plant
24. Acanthaceae justicia brandegeana
by Donelda Choate LaBrake -$1250

Bleeding heart
25. Dicentra spectabilis
by Ruth Lafferty -$500

Monk's hood
26. Astrophytum ornatum
by Mindy Lighthipe –$3000

Passion flower
27. Passiflora
by Mindy Lighthipe -$3000

Orchid cactus
28. Epiphyllum
by Betty Marchant -$1100

Mexican hat
29. Ratibida columnaris
by Betty Marchant -$650

Clown violet
30. Torenia fournieri
by Barbra Neswald -$600

Spider mum
31. Chrysanthemum x morifolium
byNancy Lee Papay -$900

Jack in the pulpit
32. Arisaema sikokianum
by Nancy Lee Papay -$900

Bells of Ireland
33. Moluccella laevis
by Fran Phaneuf -$325

Dragon's tongue
34. Dracunculus vulgaris
by Scott Rawlins -$1050

Potato variety
35. Potato variety
by Donna Reisman -$1000

Dog tongue
36. Pontederia cordata
by Elizabeth Shawcross-$650

Yellow trumpet pitcher plant
37. Sarracenia flava
by Elizabeth Shawcross-$400

Bird of Paradise
38. Strelitzia reginae
by Barbara Weightman-$600